American Softwoods (AMSO) is an umbrella organization for three softwood associations covering wood produced in the southern, western and north eastern United States plus APA –the Engineered Wood Association which covers plywood and a wide variety of Engineered Wood Products. With offices in the states of Louisiana, Oregon and Washington, the UK, China, Taiwan, Japan and Mexico, we are able to offer export marketing and technical services to large parts of the world. AMSO is funded by the Foreign Agricultural Service of the US Department of Agriculture.

What does Carrefour mean to you?

 As a show devoted exclusively to wood and wood products, we have always enjoyed coming to Carrefour. There has been an American Softwoods presence at Carrefour now for more than fifteen years and we fully expect to continue exhibiting at the show into the future. It is significant that the number and, more importantly, the quality of the enquiries we receive at Carrefour often result in business being done at the show.

Expectations for Carrefour 2021.

Carrefour in 2021 will be the first opportunity for our members to meet their European customers face to face for at least two years so it will be an important show for us to reestablish old relationships and to forge new ones. Since it appears that the American relationship with China will remain difficult for the foreseeable future, American softwood producers are looking for new markets in Europe with renewed interest and vigour.