Import-export agent

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Les Meritis
63390 Châteauneuf Les Bains
We are timber agents in France of foreign companies (Baltic countries, Russia, Belarus and China). Our policy is to have only one supplier per product in order to give him our best. In order to grow our sales, we are looking for producers of MDF, Plywood (Except exotic timber), Fibrerciment, etc. Our partners today are : - Dasso, world leader of Bamboo products. - VMG, biggest sawmill in Belarus with 250 000 m3 /year (sawn pine, round pols) and biggest particle board maker in Baltics - Wigo, CLT producer close to Riga. Bright new factory of 20 000 m3 of CLT - Jures, well known producer of duo/trio for timber houses and glulam beams up to 2m wild, up to GL 40 ! - Konsula, Belarussian planing mill, specialised in decking produces in Pine and also construction beams in Spruce Come and join the TEAM !