Service providers for the timber industry

55 (91) 3085-4711
Av. Serzedelo Corrêa, 805. Room 808, Batista Campos
Campos, Belém – Pará. CEP:
66033265 Belem
A new generation company created within the principles of sustainability. Acting as a forest manager, generating positive socio-environmental impact. Since 2019, we have been carrying out certified forest management in the Paru State Forest in the Brazilian Amazon. Modern technologies bring agility and efficiency to our operations, allowing to have documental traceability of all products. Seeking even more precision and transparency, we started in 2019 studies for the adoption of DNA traceability in our management plans, with the Ipê species. It guarantees the exact origin of each individual, eliminating doubts as to its origin, adding value to all products in the production chain. We also have the FSC® certification (FSC-C149775), attesting that the forest is managed responsibly in accordance with socio-environmental principles and criteria and normative legal precepts. Blue Timber believes it couldn't be different, as the perpetuation of our business depends on the standing forest!