Consultancy or engineering firm

10 rue des Usines
44100 NANTES
Since 2015, Naoden has designed bioenergetic power plant producing electricity and heat from wood wastes (dry and wet). Innovation brings by Naoden lie in the capacity of the company to treat all the process of waste repurposing (prepare > transform > repurpose), to answer all customers’ requirement. All costs link to wastes are changed in financial product. For Naoden the energy of tomorrow will be green, locally produced by wastes and vehicle for local employment in a spirit of circular economy. Naoden bets on the satisfaction of its customers. On one hand by manufacturing its own bioenergetic plants, on the other hand by integrating after-sales service with innovative tools. Nowadays two plants are proposed by Naoden. Imperium®, a cogeneration plant which produced simultaneously electricity and heat power for district heating. Nobilis®, a burner plant, which produced only heat power.