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VERSOWOOD is Finland’s largest private sawmiller. We operate on a large scale in international markets and we constantly have innovative product development projects. Nevertheless, our roots are deeply rooted in Finnish nature. We work to ensure that all of our processes are efficient from the purchase of logs to the sale of finished products. We serve professional users and have the best possible technology. Established in 1946. 11 production sites including 10 in Finland and 1 in Estonia. Approximately 750 employees. Turnover 350 MEUR In our supply area in Finland, we own four productive sawmills. Our annual roundwood purchasing volume amounts to 3.3 million m3, including 1/3 pine and 2/3 spruce. We use 220 log trucks (= 2.7 million m3 logs per year) each day for our own sawmill industry and our power poles business.