Carrefour International du Bois

28 | 29 | 30 MAY 2024 – NANTES / FRANCE

28 | 29 | 30 MAY 2024 – NANTES / FRANCE

olivier theis

Sales Director at Felix Distribution and exhibitor at the Carrefour du Bois 2024, answers a few questions.


Can you present your company in a few words?

Felix is an European, multicultural company that was born from the merger of a French company, Fiberdeck, and a Dutch and German company: Felix Clercx. Felix has been known and recognized for over 100 years with its brand of certified tropical woods: FelixWood, as well as its co-extruded composite woods Fiberdeck developed over 15 years ago and all its terrace accessories under the Cobra brand. Felix thus ensures the development and distribution of its 3 brands: Felixwood, Fiberdeck, and Cobra in the field of terraces, cladding, and fencing.


What does the Carrefour International du Bois mean to you?

The Carrefour International du Bois is a major event, and we have always participated in it. It brings together all market players, both from the beginning of the timber industry chain with industrialists and importers, but also the end with clients and distributors.

We come to consolidate our position in Europe and present our innovations, both for the terrace, cladding, and fencing. It is also an opportunity to present our new website and our 3D design tools for terraces and fencing. We will make these tools freely available for everyone to use.

C’est aussi l’occasion de présenter notre nouveau site internet et nos outils de conception 3D pour la terrasse et la clôture. Nous mettrons ces outils en accès libre pour que chacun puisse les utiliser.

What are your expectations for this new edition?

Our expectations are multiple, but we hope to meet future partners and also to continue relations with those who have been following us for many years.

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